To the start of our project

We bought the land at Rowsley in 2009, and started to set up our Rowsley Heritage Plant business in 2010. Through 2010 and 2011 we bult our storage field building, and commenced basic drainage of our very neglected and poor quality land. We also started our first field trials of various fruit and vegetables, and discovered what would and wouldn’t grow on our heavy clay soil. 2013 sees more extensive work on drainage, heading through to comprehensive planting of Heritage Seeds in 2014 (as Seed Guardians via Garden Organic’s charity), and heritage seed harvesting in 2015. So, our first five years will finally show fruit (literally) in two years time!

Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library

Garden Organic is not a gene bank and all their collection, once they have enough seed will become available to members. Members receive their choice of up to six varieties and there is also an informal Seed Swap section run between members themselves. An extremely important and highly valued contribution to GO’s work is made by volunteer Seed Guardians. Seed Guardians are members who have decided to take on the extra responsibility of growing seed, which is what we intend at Rowsley Heritage Plants.

A long term mission

Do you remember the fruit and  vegetables you ate when you were  young? Food with taste, colour and  texture. The huge varieties still exist  in small pockets, and we want to try  and help preserve them for the  natural genetic pool and for the  benefit of future generations.
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